Monday, January 13, 2014

Copper Pots with a Twist

I want some of these little copper pots. Aren't they awesome?

Copper Pots with a Twist

Interested to know what cocktail is being served in those charming copper pots at your favorite local bar? Search no more, inquiring minds! It’s the classic cocktail, the Moscow Mule. The perfect blend of bitter and sweet comes together in this easy to craft cocktail of SMIRNOFF Vodka, lime juice and ginger beer. The Moscow Mule was created in the early 1940s and was specifically introduced to promote SMIRNOFF Vodka as a flexible, easy to mix spirit. As a nation of whiskey and gin drinkers during that time, the cocktail offered a new take on drinking spirits and is viewed as the first official cocktail. Today, it's seen a resurgence in its popularity nationwide. Looking to create a big splash at your next at-home party? Bring...Read More

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