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I love to hear from my readers and share great ideas as I've mentioned in several of my posts. If you know of a great spot in Georgia to visit or a great restaurant, store, or other venue that's special or exciting in a unique way, I'd be grateful if you'd share it with me. It gives me an opportunity to try out new things, and it makes the journey more delightful.

It also helps me to get information out to my readers and serves two purposes: educates my readers on the local level throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas about great places to visit and exposes non-Georgia natives to the greatest state in the country!

Great experiences usually come from good recommendations, and I know you've got some share with me, so don't be shy.

If you enjoy my posts and want to join my journey, you'll have to subscribe to my blog. Having loyal readers is the highest compliment ever.

Email is welcome if you're considering contracting me for writing, proofreading and copywriting projects and/or need to check the recommendations of others who have hired me previously. I especially welcome emails from my readers with their feedback and suggestions on improving my blog.

I encourage you to find me on Twitter @amberrisme and on Facebook.

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