About Me

I'm a Georgia Peach from Atlanta, GA who recently became a professional writer. I'm working on my first novel, and when I'm not writing it, I'm blogging and traveling to visit the most amazing places in Georgia. I'm bold, outspoken and opinionated, but I don't judge, and I can't tolerate people who do. 

I have a B.A. in Psychology from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, but I never pursued a career in psychology. As an aspiring college graduate, I had a somewhat romantic view of what being a psychologist entailed, but I quickly found that the field is challenging in ways that I am unwilling to meet. I'm a lover of knowledge but a certified expert of nothing, and I'm okay with that. 

I become obsessed with new hobbies, plunge headfirst into a new project with abandon, and then abandoning those same projects within days or weeks. Some past hobby failures include crocheting, collecting Precious Moments memorabilia, pewter faeries, and turtles (real and otherwise) and watercolor painting (I was not very good). The results of said hobbies are three Precious Moments snow globes adorning my dresser, four deceased turtles (who were all given a proper farewell), three pewter fairies, and not one afghan blanket. 
My hubby KP,  pushing my niece Shannon
My daughter is Ivy, and she's a recent kindergarten recruit. It makes me sad for reasons that I can't pinpoint, but I know that it's mostly that I hate to see her growing up. Ivy is my child, my buddy and my road gal, and we love to get in the car and ride--especially when I hook up the portable DVD player, and let her watch Disney movies while we cruise. She's precocious and articulate and is surpassing me in intellect with each passing day. This might be a dangerous development when she hits the rowdy teen years.

Ivy tells me she wants to be a writer when she grows up. I'm thrilled of course, but I also want her to grow up and marry a man who let's her continue being a princess, takes care of her and understands that he'll be fish food if he ever puts a hand on her or does her wrong. Ever. Psychotic I'm not, but protective I am, and I do have pretty good aim. 

My husband is KP, and he's mostly great. After two previous marriages, I should know by now exactly what I'm looking for, shouldn't I? There are a numerous reasons that marriages numbers one and two tanked, but I'm not interested in exploring that here. This blog is about my journey, and that journey need not include past-marital counseling. 

I tend to be susceptible to vices, and food is the biggie. I've been going back and forth with weight and diets for almost as long as I can remember. I enjoy a good glass of wine, cold beer on hot summer days and sweet mixed drinks at social functions. I am also a self-professed Dr. Pepper addict. I'm also an on-again, off-again smoker, but I have no need to justify or defend that. I'll simply say that I got the memo on the evils of smoking,and have noted that in my "Bad Girls" file.

Waterfall in Toccoa, GA
You'll learn the most about me by subscribing to my blog and reading about my wonderful, magical adventures. Oh, and don't forget the pictures! You'll find plenty of them here to dazzle and entertain you (so I hope).  Take care, and I'll see you around here! ;-)


  1. Hi Amberr,

    Just thought I'd pop in and return the support you've shown me and get to know you a bit more.

    Great blog and I'll subscribe to yours as well, and hope to share some of your journey :)

  2. Hi Amberr,
    I came by on the Halloween Hop and wanted to get to *know* you a little - so glad I did ;) Food and drinks are also my biggest vices - so much so that my whole blog (But What Are They Eating?) revolves around food in fiction! Everyone talks about the characters in books, where they go, what they do, but I always have to know what they're eating ;)

  3. I lived in Rome, Georgia for six years many moons ago. Haven't been back in years, but would like to go visit. Oh, and speaking of your post on Dial mills, that's actually how most people in Georgia erroneously pronounced my last name. Weird. There has to be some connection. Apparently I need to write a story that takes place at that mill :)

    Anyway, if you had to name a genre for your first novel, what would it be?

    Paul D. Dail
    www.pauldail.com- A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog