Monday, January 27, 2014

Dress Up Your Dessert Table

This would go well with my waistline...

Dress Up Your Dessert Table

Dress Up Your Dessert Table Let’s face it; we all have a sweet tooth. Homemade or store bought we’ve got a sweet tooth for all kinds of treats, but there’s nothing like an amazing cupcake! The trouble is that once we make or buy these amazing sweet concoctions, we never have quiet have the proper display or way to show them off for our guests and loved ones. Have no fear, this DIY dessert tower will look great on your dessert table and will offer your guests their sweet tooth fix on a moment’s notice. For this simple DIY project this is what you’ll need to get started: ·2 pieces of glassware o DIY tip: Look for glasses that are different heights to mix up the spacing between levels. ·A sturdy glass base o DIY...Read More

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