Thursday, February 13, 2014

#1 Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe

Yay, another skinny cocktail! #healthy

#1 Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe

Love is in the air and to celebrate the smart way, be sure you serve up this #1 Valentine's Day Cocktail. This clever SkinnyTini will not only trigger a dizzy love spell and save you tons of empty calories -- its star studded ingredient (beet juice) is also one of natures most potent medicinal gifts! So cheers to the simplicity and the efficiency of strengthening your love and your heart at the same time. Why is beet juice the perfect ingredient for a Valentine's Day Cocktail? Not only is beet juice a power food with a host of health benefits -- it simply makes a great replacement for the sugary and watered down cranberry juice you would find in a traditional Cosmo. With February being about love and a strong heart, beets make...Read More

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