Monday, February 3, 2014

Skinny Tailgating

Next year tailgating inspiration. #byefootballtilnextseason

Skinny Tailgating

Are you a tailgater? Do you wake up early on Saturday and Sunday, paint your face with bright colors, throw on your prized team’s jersey, load up the car and head for the stadium? If yes, then you’re in good shape here, read on…. Tailgating is Not Skinny I wouldn’t suppose you could find a soul out there who said they love tailgating because of all the healthy food and skinny snacks. In fact, traditional fare includes brats, beers, beans, brownies and all kinds of other bad for you bites. And that’s all there is to do as you wait for your game to start – eat, drink and traditionally not be so skinny. So what’s a healthy, happy, skinny girl to do? Well, she’s not going to miss the fun, that’s for sure. And she’s not going to...Read More

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