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Monday, March 17, 2014

Creme de Menthe Mini Trifle

This looks like a St. Paddy's day party for the taste buds. Yummy!

Creme de Menthe Mini Trifle

Disclaimer: This recipe has been sponsored by Wilton as a member of their Sweet Treat Team. However, all opinions are my own. Never in a millions year did I think that blogging would open so many doors for me. As I mentioned in this post , a door recently opened and greeted me with cookie cutters, baking pans, and so much more! I am absolutely thrilled to be be partnering with Wilton this year as part of their Sweet Treat Team. Over the summer, I tackled my first 4-layer cake and had an absolute blast teaching myself how to do some basic cake decorating with this Wilton starter kit . Then, a few months ago I used Wilton candy molds to make homemade PB cups ...and here I am today, creating my own recipe to share with...Read More

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