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Monday, March 17, 2014

Juice Yourself Skinny

Who's into the juicing thing, and has it worked for you?

Juice Yourself Skinny

2014 is here and Healthy Aspirations are at an all time high! Juicing is a hot topic and for many great reasons. I’ve been an active juicer for about 3 years now, and I am a fan. Now, I’m not really a fan of the long juice detox programs that have you on an extremely low level of daily calories for 3-5 days (or more). Personally, I happen to be too active for caloric restriction and with Boston training right around the corner, now is not the time to cut down on my energy consumption. Juice Detoxes Definitely Have Their Perks Juicing detoxes and Juice Cleanses are all around us and for pretty good reason. They are wildly effective at boosting health. The juicer does almost all of the digestion work for you. By...Read More

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