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Monday, April 21, 2014

SMRINOFF for Bored VIPs and People who have Fun!

SMRINOFF for Bored VIPs and People who have Fun!

Have you checked out SMIRNOFF’s ‘The Party’ yet? If not—you are missing out. As part of SMIRNOFF’s new marketing campaign Exclusively for Everybody , we released a digital film along with six 30 second videos to shed light on some of the elements that get in the way of having a good time with your friends and celebrate inclusivity! This specific video puts a playful spin on the “VIP section” at a club showcasing that good times really are better when everyone is included. What is the purpose of a VIP section anyway? As Alison Brie jokes, “We are VIPing! There’s bottle service.” SMIRNOFF knows that exclusivity is out and now it’s time to let everybody in. Let’s mix on the dance floor -- all sizes, shapes, colors and tastes...Read More

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