Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY: Maple Cider Apple Cups

Warm your insides up on a cold day.

DIY: Maple Cider Apple Cups

If you love a DIY project with a fun twist, we’ve got just the one for you! Making a Maple Cider Apple Cup is the easiest way to crank your favorite cold-weather drink up a notch. What You’ll Need: 1 apple 2 cinnamon sticks 1.5 oz. Crown Royal® Maple Finished Whisky Apple cider A glass/mug What Next: First, carve the perimeter of your apple, then using a spoon scoop out the core and extra liquid from the bottom When the apple is ready, grab a separate glass and pour 1.5 oz. of Crown Royal® Maple Finished Whisky with 2 oz. of hot water. Shake ingredients, add a splash of hot water, and then slowly pour drink into carved apple. Garnish with two cinnamon sticks, and top it off with a half pat of butter Disclosure: I am...Read More

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