Friday, February 20, 2015

Lifestyle & Libations: Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey...

Whiskey is not my #BFF-more like my worst enemy. Cheers to those who like it!

Lifestyle & Libations: Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey...

Most people know that Whiskey is my go to drink of choice. You can find me on any given night with a night cap, and in most cases it involves a bottle of bourbon, scotch, or sour mash. Whenever I bring a new friend (bottle) into my home, I like to drink it several different ways: 1. on the rocks, 2. Neat, 3. Cocktail form. My favorite cocktail is Apple Juice, Ginger Beer, & Whiskey. Today we are going to discuss Bulleit Rye, as I hadn’t had the pleasure of a proper introduction. Initially this post was supposed to be a part of a holiday series, but with all of the holiday storms my shipment ran late. However, there is no time like the present to talk about Bulleit Rye.

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