Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunset on the Beach: Granita Style

Sunset on the Beach: Granita Style - A Bit Festive #travel #vacation #cocktail time!

Sunset on the Beach: Granita Style

 If you’re like me you were hit with a nice dose of reality this weekend that Summer is coming to an end. Yes my friends, it’s August already! Fret not, there is still time to get those last-minute BBQ’s and trips to the beach in. In my mind, Summer isn’t really over until Labor Day weekend and technically it’s not over until the third week in September. Nonetheless our sweet Summer is nearing the end and you can definitely say one thing for sure and that is the Dog Days of Summer are definitely here. I’m not sure where you’ve spent most of your Summer, but in Texas it’s smokin’ hot! In fact, this week we’re forecasted 100 degree plus temps. Every.Single.Day…ouch! All I can think about is something to keep me cool. Here...Read More

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