Monday, February 3, 2014

30 Day Cardio Interval Challenge

I think I'm going to try it! #health #weightloss

30 Day Cardio Interval Challenge

In the month of February focus on eating, moving and thinking right with this 30 Day Cardio Interval Challenge! Why the 30-Day Cardio Interval Challenge? In the spirit of a happy heart in February, the 30 Day Challenge Series is here with a brand new, fun and intense challenge that will put your ticker to work and strengthen and tone all the major muscles in your body! Cardio intervals are short bursts of intense exercise that get your heart pumping, lungs working and body moving! The five exercises that were selected not just get your cardio on, they also work primary muscles — so you get some shaping and toning while you’re at it! Incorporating short, intense bursts of cardio can be a great way to take your...Read More

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