Friday, February 7, 2014

A Simple or Steamy Valentine’s Weekend

The whipped cream flavor is amazing. I bet it would go great with strawberries.

A Simple or Steamy Valentine’s Weekend

Just as February is both the shortest and the longest month of the year, Valentine’s Day can be both the coldest and the hottest holiday. It’s also one of the sweetest. No matter who your sweetheart is, indulging in chocolate treats together is entirely appropriate. This year, the challenge is to go beyond the standard checkout-aisle box of chocolates and get a little creative. While it’s entirely up to you how you’ll do that, here are a couple of ideas. One’s cold, one’s steamy, but both are totally indulgent. Mix up a chocolate drink, find a good view and enjoy! Coco Cocoa Martini 0.75 oz. SMIRNOFF Coconut Flavored Vodka 0.75 oz. Godiva Original Liqueur 0.25 oz . chocolate shavings Glassware: Martini...Read More

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