Thursday, February 27, 2014

Elephants Get Fat Eating Peanuts

I wouldn't think so...

Elephants Get Fat Eating Peanuts

Humm…do they? I’m not sure elephants are even fat, I just think they are big animals and as it turns out peanuts are not even their preferred source of nutrition. But that’s not the point here, I heard the statement at a social media seminar and it hit home for me. Here’s the bottom line: L i ttle things can make a big difference over time ! I hate counting calories! And I don’t advocate counting calories as a viable means of health and happiness either. That said, I was unfortunately (or fortunately?) born a human calorie calculator. I can look at just about anything and hit the calorie total within 10% almost every time. So let me do the math for you today and give you just a little insight here… ...Read More

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