Monday, April 7, 2014

Clean Out, Simplify, Savor

Everyone done with spring cleaning? I confess I'm not...

Clean Out, Simplify, Savor

The start of spring is the time to clean out, clear away and refresh our minds and homes in preparation for the glories of warmer weather... and maybe make a little space for new spring clothes. No other sort of cleaning comes as close to ‘fun’ as ‘spring cleaning’ does. So make it fun! Here are some tips: 1. Start where you see it most : to make a quick, satisfying impact start with a spot that you see when you and your guests first walk through the door, such as your front closet or kitchen countertops. 2. Don’t get overwhelmed , no matter how much clutter seems to have accumulated over the winter months. Start with one room, or even one drawer, and celebrate small victories. 3. Donate what you clean out. The feel-good...Read More

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