Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy March 32!

Oh, hahaha.

Happy March 32!

Psych! It’s April 1 st , sorry if we scared you but it’s April Fool’s Day – the one day of the year it’s not only acceptable to prank your friends, it’s expected. While you’re plotting out your next move, a couple things to keep in mind to keep this Fool’s Day fun: ·Try to keep it lighthearted – it’s a practical joke, so keep it playful without hurting or offending anyone. ·The best April Fools include a shade of truth – if your goal is to get people to believe you, don’t try to convince them you were abducted by alien dogs. ·Commit – if you’re trying to keep a pretense going the whole day, don’t fold halfway through your plan, no one will believe you right up until the point they do believe you. ·Start simple – a...Read More

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