Monday, May 5, 2014

About a Beau

Which season are you most fashionable?

About a Beau

When it comes to options within my wardrobe, the colder months of the year provide outfits galore…layering is key. But, in my fashionable opinion, the warmer months (and thankfully they’re rolling in) allow for more creativity. How can you manage to stand out when short sleeves and shorter hemlines are all you can stand?? — (southerners feel me when I say they don’t call it HOT lanta and the SUN shine state for nothing) Answer: you accessorize . My current Spring season accessory is the ever-charming bow tie. So charming, in fact, that people are known as “ that guy who wears bow ties .” (I know him, you know him, we love him). Try something new this season (no time like springtime!) and be all about a...Read More

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