Monday, May 5, 2014

National BBQ Month

Yummy, BBQ!

National BBQ Month

May is National Barbecue Month! It is an unofficial holiday but an exciting way to start the summer. There are a lot of ways to celebrate this fun holiday, like organizing a potluck in your backyard or local park. This is a great way to bring all your friends together for some grilling and delicious BBQ. You don’t have to only think about meat for those of your friends who are vegetarian. Grilled veggies are a huge part of BBQ-ing season, as there are a lot of vegetable kabobs that you get a different aroma and taste from off of the grill. What better way to embrace the outdoors and welcome summer back with a big BBQ in honor of National BBQ Month? Happy Grilling! Disclosure: I am working in partnership with the SMIRNOFF brand and...Read More

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