Monday, May 5, 2014

It’s Not for Me…It’s For These Heels!

Always drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel when you've indulged.

It’s Not for Me…It’s For These Heels!

Getting home safely from a party is the most important part of the night. You can have fun all night long sipping cocktails with friends and hitting the dance floor but make sure your ride is planned out from the beginning. Whether you hail taxi or get a ride home from a friend who is the designated driver, it’s important to make sure you get home in a safe manner. Watch Alison Brie as she not only makes sure she gets home responsibly but decides to take a personal limo back from Adam Scott’s party here . Yes, a stretch limo for one person. Hey—at least she is being safe! Can’t get enough of the ‘The Party?’ Check out all of the videos here: ...Read More

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