Monday, May 5, 2014

Skip the Salsa

Happy Cindo de Mayo, everyone!

Skip the Salsa

Cinco de Mayo is upon us! Unfortunately, it falls on a Monday this year but that means you have a whole weekend of brunches, lunches, backyard picnics and evenings out to experiment with different ways to enjoy Mexican flavors in the run-up to the holiday itself. By the time Monday, May 5 th rolls around, no doubt you’ll have your guacamole perfected. But how will you spice up your salsa, guacamole’s refreshing sidekick? With fresh tomato season still months away, how about skipping the salsa altogether, in favor of a Mexican take on the classic Bloody Mary? The acidic freshness of the tomato juice and spicy kick will pair deliciously with the creaminess of guacamole. Bonus: you’ve got your drinks and your salsa covered in one...Read More

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