Saturday, July 12, 2014

But first, let me take a Sipping Selfie!

Are sipping selfies in now? I guess that's better than duck lips :-)

But first, let me take a Sipping Selfie!

We all know the infamous song that has filled the radio airways this summer inspiring thousands of people to whip out their cell phones and cameras to capture the perfect “selfie.” A selfie, also known as a cute, up close and personal photo of yourself, has taken over social media becoming one of the most popular posts on Instagram and Facebook. Well we are here to take it up a notch! Have you heard about the sipping selfie? Put a spin on the traditional “selife” this summer by snapping a photo while taking your first sip of a delicious, refreshing cocktail. This “sipping selfie” will be a big hit, as you get to show off your fun drink concoction and get in on the selfie craze! Have some fun this summer and give the sipping selfie...Read More

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