Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Options Are Endless This Summer – With...

Smirnoff does have some pretty delicious flavors!

The Options Are Endless This Summer – With...

Summer is all about friends, family and the effortless, good times spent with them – and just in time for July 4 th , SMIRNOFF is making that as simple as possible. With the expansive portfolio of SMIRNOFF products from Strawberry to Sorbet Light Lemon to the classic No. 21 vodka, you can create delicious cocktails or vodka-infused treats for your next summer bash that will have everyone talking! And if that weren’t enough, you can follow this link for an exclusive coupon to save up to 6$ when you purchase any two SMIRNOFF products – SMIRNOFF Warm Weather Coupon Spend your summer holiday having fun! For full rebate rules and instructions for your location, please print the coupon from the link above. Keep an...Read More

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