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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Get Inspired: Mason Jar Cocktails for Friends

I like mason jars, and super simple #DIY. This mason jar cocktail idea? #loveit

Get Inspired: Mason Jar Cocktails for Friends

Are you looking for a fun, creative way to share some of your favorite cocktail recipes with your friends? Thanks to Something Turquoise , here’s a great DIY project that serves as a great, inexpensive, completely customizable gift no matter the occasion. What you’ll need: Mason Jar Mugs Mini-skinny bottles of soda Mini bottles of alcohol Cute straws Twine and tags Scissors NOTE: Make sure the soda can will fit inside of the mason jar. Directions: 1. Tie two pieces of twine, with a double knot, around the top of your jar. 2. Create another knot but don’t pull it too tight. Insert your straw and then tighten. 3. Create another knot to add your alcohol bottle and finish with a double knot to secure. 4. Using only 2 pieces of the twine add...Read More

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